The first bill to be signed by our new Governor Phil Murphy, S120, will restore $7.5 million to the state budget for Planned Parenthood.

Whenever politicians like Murphy talk about Planned Parenthood it's under the guise of "women's health." They do offer some health screenings and diagnoses, but abortion is a major component of their mission. No one likes to use that word or discuss it, but that's a central part of what they do.

I am torn on the issue, but if it's legal, and it is, you do what you got to do. It's none of my business... until you start making me pay for it.

When our representatives in the state legislature wanted to ask questions about how the money will be spent, there was no comment and no response from Planned Parenthood. They can afford to do that if they have an ally in charge, and they do in Phil Murphy.

If you dare oppose them or even question the government's role in killing unborn babies, then you don't care about women's health and subject to ridicule and scorn, even if you're a female member of the legislature.

Expect more pandering to every group imaginable from the uber guilt ridden, uber wealthy white guys from Massachusetts on his way to DC via the NJ Turnpike and the NJ Governor's office. He's here to get a footing in politics to run for President.

So if you're one of the groups the PC crowd likes to pander to, get in line, he's only sticking around for a little while!

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