Despite a landslide win for Governor Chris Christie this week, the Republican will be dealing with a Democrat-controlled legislature for another few years.

Governor Christie - Jose Marti Freshman Academy
Governor Chris Christie holds his first press availability since winning a second term (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Democrats retained the majority in both houses, keeping the streak alive since 2004, and they didn't lose one seat in the Senate; all 120 legislative seats were up for grabs.

"Elections have consequences," Christie said to reporters in Union City.

For Christie, the consequence is that almost everything he wants to accomplish will be an uphill battle.

"The good news - I got four years experience dealing with it," Christie added. "So it's not like I'm coming in cold to it like I did four years ago. I know how to do this."

The Governor successfully accomplished milestone changes for the state in his first term - pension and health benefits reform and a hard cap on property taxes - which wouldn't be possible without effort from both sides of the aisle.

Governor Christie noted he wasn't surprised by the legislative race outcomes, given the tens of millions of dollars spent by "outside forces" and the newest legislative map that he calls "extraordinarily gerrymandered."

"I won by 22 points, and we didn't win one Senate seat," said Christie.