It's no secret that our new governor is a multi-millionaire. After he made all that cash with Goldman Sachs, and donating large amounts of it to President Obama's campaign, he spent most of the last few years in Germany as an ambassador.

Last week, he announced he will be accepting his $175,000 salary, unlike the last Goldman Sachs millionaire governor, John Corzine. Good for you Phil.

You are entitled to that money as governor and you should do what you want with it. You could pay most of your $204,000 property tax bill.

You would think that someone with such an exorbitant tax liability would have empathy for us poor slobs that have been paying the highest property taxes in the county for years. However all indications are, judging by all the goodies he has promised, that taxes will be going up for many of us, especially homeowners.

Even Steve Sweeney is scared to death by his plans and lack of experience. I have no resentment about how much money a person makes, good on you, bro! It's the fact that the enormous wealth has led you to seek more and more power and prestige, while having absolutely no ability to relate to the so called "middle class working families" you pledge to "fight for."

He's another in a long line of "limousine liberals" looking to assuage their guilt for amassing such wealth, by promising to help to poor less fortunate morons like you and me by coming up with more government solutions for our plight.

Here's one government solution you should try Phil....get the state the f--- out of my pocket and get the state the f--- out of my way! Welcome to New Jersey and good luck as Governor. I'll be here to watch reality slap that obnoxious toothy grin off your face.

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