The prospect of how damaging our new Governor Phil Murphy will be to New Jersey, it's economy and it's taxpayers, has even Steve Sweeney worried. The NJ Senate President has appeared on Fox News TWICE in two days!

He's talking about completely changing how we tax and spend money in this state. He mentioned that the top 1% of earners in the state pay a whopping 42% of the taxes here, a fact most Democrats would never admit.

They're always talking about "the rich paying their fair share". Well anybody earning a decent living in New Jersey pays far more than their fair share and it's shocking a Democrat and union president like Sweeney would finally admit that and on FOX NEWS...two days in a row.

Maybe his puppeteer George Norcross has set him on this new direction or maybe he has finally come to realize that we are on a collision course with a fiscal disaster and another mass exodus of productive taxpayers.

Whatever the reason, it's refreshing and encouraging to see, since the Senate President has so much power and control here in this state. Sweeney has been mumbling about some change in property tax collection and school funding since last year. So much so that the NJEA, the main culprit and stumbling block to reform of any kind, went after his seat this past fall, spending millions of dollars of their members hard earned money in the process.

You know Phil Murphy is promising too much and talking out of his ass, if Steve Sweeney is going on Fox News two days in a row to yell that our house is on fine. This could be fun, and I may even have Sweeney on the air and not scream at him.

The last time he called in... well let's just say it didn't go so well. You can relive that phone call below.

Hey Steve, call me! As a matter of fact I'll meet you near the state house and buy you a beer...and a steak dinner!  Boy how things have changed.

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