I always said that it made me positively nauseated that millennials referred to Bernie Sanders as “daddy," because that is exactly what a lot of people want their government to be: Their daddy.

But at the same time, I gave Bernie Sanders credit for at least being the one politician in recent memory to actually admit that he was a socialist, instead of hiding behind the banner of the Democratic Party, all the while adhering to the Big-Government-As-Your-Nanny ideology that socialism espouses.

As such, what irks me most about Phil Murphy is that he doesn’t just come out and say the same thing. Punishing the wealthy, social engineering, encouraging the disenfranchised to remain exactly that, and yet still he claims to just be a regular old soldier in the political army that is New Jersey’s Democratic Party. That bugs me.

After all, people while were incensed that Donald Trump, who is clearly not a traditional Republican got elected under their banner in order to assure his victory, nobody accuses Phil Murphy of the same thing; hitching his wagon to the Democratic Party star to make it seem as if his ideas are anything close to American.

You may say, well thank God he’s only a governor and not president, but just you wait.
So not only is he worse than Bernie Sanders because of his grinning adherence to left-wing ideas that have been shown to cause financial hardship to most of us in the state, (not to mention a mass exodus out of here) but his disingenuousness makes him way, way worse.

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