When Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez isn't drumming, he's caddying for Pro Golfer Mark McCormick from Union, whom he helped qualify for the U.S.Open in 2012. I caught up with the former E Street drummer at the Seth Nemeroff Foundation Par 3 event. The PAr 3 event is focused on assisting individuals whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse disorder. Vini's a very charitable man who lends his talents to several causes throughout New Jersey. He's also very generous with his golfing tips.

First of all, Vini says, "If I was going to show anybody how to golf, the first thing I would do is show them how to putt." Lopez adds, "If you can get a feel for your putter on a real green, you can get anybody to hit some bad shots with a driver or whatever iron, but if you're on the green, you can still make a put."

As one who never golfed in his life, I asked Vini how long it would take someone like me to learn. Vini responded, "I can get someone to hit a golf ball straight in about ten minutes. In face, I can try to get you to hit a nine iron 100 yards. If I could get you to hit a nine iron 100 yards 50-60 %of the time, you could go from there with any club." As for the pressure, Lopez says "Golf's played within the 6 inches right between your ears, in your brain."

So what's more fun for this member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, golfing or drumming? Lopez, who wears a fit bit, says "If I caddy for Mark, I'll walk 9 miles a day. If I drum for 3 to 3 1/2 hours, it still says I walked 9 miles."

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