While most Jersey Shore towns are holding the line this year when it comes to the cost to get on the beach, five of them have been forced to raise badge prices as a result of Sandy.

Wildwood Beach
Wildwood Beach (Flickr User Belzie)

The good news is, those increases are nominal.

"Some beaches, including Atlantic City and Wildwood, are free and remain free which is great. Most other beaches are $10 and under and many of them don't charge children under 12. For those that have raised their prices, none have raised their day rate by more than a dollar," said Ken Schlager, Editor New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

Seaside Heights has increased its day rate from $5 to $6 and its season pass from $45 to $50. Sea Girt is also going up from $10 to $11 and the season pass from $110 to $120.

Ocean Grove, Spring Lake and Bradley Beach have also increased daily badges by $1.

Shore towns are trying to do everything they can to bring people to the beach this summer.

"They don't want to put up any impediments, they don't want any buzz going around that it's gotten more expensive to go down the shore because of the storm. I think towns have been very aware of that. They don't want to drive people away," said Schlager.

"Most of the beach towns that have the boardwalks, the amusement rides and the attractions will be ready. We need to support them. People have to understand the beaches are an attraction, they require money to be maintained. We need to understand that now more than ever."

If you're looking to plan a trip to the beach this summer, New Jersey Monthly Magazine has created a free Jersey Shore Beach Guide app which can be downloaded to your smartphone. It includes beach tag prices, parking prices, lists and reviews of restaurants, night life and bar listings per town.


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