Jim Gearhart had a lot of time to think when he was away from New Jersey 101.5 following a serious fall. He also had a lot of time — when visiting doctors' offices — to watch television.

And while Jim had a lot of nice things to say about the folks who helped him through his physical rehabilitation, "The doctor is essentially just the local distributor for the pharmaceutical industry," he reminds us.

That's not the only thing being pushed in the doctor's office. Every time he visits, Jim says, the same program is on — "this vapid bunch of harpies sitting around a table."

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The "harpies" Jim mentioned are the women who host "The View," which Jim describes as alternating inanity and Trump-bashing.

"They'll all discuss painting ones toenails, then they'll come back and do an anti-Trump tirade. ... I know there are many people who follow the teachings of Whoopi Goldberg. I happen to not be among them," Jim says.

And even with his fingers in his ears, Jim can't help be exposed to a little indoctrination.

"I didn't look at the bill. Maybe I get charged extra for that," he says.

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— Townsquare Media Staff

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