It’s a real honor for me to shine a light every week on the great work and public service from our courageous members of Law Enforcement in New Jersey. Sometimes the news is dominated by the incredible heroics like the recent actions of New Jersey State Troopers who literally dragged a man to safety seconds before the truck he was driving exploded. Wow, heroes for sure. Check out the incredible video:

That said, it goes without question that the Troopers deserve the accolades and honor for risking their own lives in order to save a complete stranger. A day in the life of the brave cops that serve our communities every day.

This week, I thought I’d add to the discussion to show that in addition to heart pounding, life risking action, there are the calmer moments showing that cops are thoughtful, kind and attentive members of our communities.

One of those moments which caught our attention was the actions of Gloucester Police Officer Bill Lessig. The quick story was reported on Facebook by Kim Mease who just happened to witness an act of kindness.

Officer Lessig noticed a family with two boys at the Gloucester City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The family only had enough money to buy the boys one bag of cotton candy. The Officer observed and stepped in to buy another bag so the boys could each have their own.

It’s the small things that matter in life. Don’t let anyone tell you not to sweat the small stuff.  Actually it’s the little things in life that matter. You can’t do much about the big things. They happen. But those of us who pay attention and notice the little things can make a big difference in other people’s lives. Good on Officer Lessig for being that guy.

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