As the rains fell last week, some motorists noticed a car stuck in a low-lying portion of the roadway in about 3 feet of water.

The driver seemed to be trapped and unable to exit the vehicle. Several drivers stopped and got out to help the woman clearly in danger. Immediately, Police Officer James Harte from the Glen Rock PD and Firefighter Ryan Jennings rushed into the water to extract the driver.

The assist goes to Glen Rock Officer Adam Pyatak who arrived in time to help get the woman to safety.

Glen Rock P.O. Pyatak rescue woman from the floods (Glen Rock PD Facebook Page)
Glen Rock P.O. Pyatak rescue woman from the floods (Glen Rock PD Facebook Page)

The collaboration of cops, firefighters, and citizens prevented a situation from being a tragedy.

Our commitment to standing up for police officers will continue and as long as I have a mic, law enforcement will have a voice in the media. This story is just one of thousands of examples that we'd never have enough airtime to promote and present.

While you head into your Fourth of July weekend, remember that there are local and state police officers who are on the job protecting our streets, maintaining our prisons, and keeping our communities secure.

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