Imagine the balls! Here you have a family that lives the high life up there in tony Franklin Lakes; could possibly be going to jail for bankruptcy fraud; and yet they cry with a loaf of bread under each arm when they refuse to cough up the required 5 bucks a person over beach badges.

Yes, and taking it out on a lowly beach checker too.

Now, truth be told, we all HATE to cough up money to use the beach. It’s one of the biggest pet peeves over living here.

And you may cheer them on for refusing to pay; maybe even feel like they’re fighting the good fight for us.

But that ain’t the case.
As long as we all have to pay; and they’re still a bunch of high class cafones, do you feel they should pay anyhow?

And by the way, have you ever had it out with a beach badge checker?

According to this:

Ship Bottom Police were called to the beach Saturday after a pack of outraged sun worshippers refused to pony up the required $5-per-person beach badge, a not unheard-of occurence in this Long Beach Island borough. But when it's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice kicking up the fuss? Get TMZ on the phone!

The couple, who stand accused of massive bank and bankruptcy fraud and face dozens of years in jail if convicted, were at the beach with their children and extended family (but not Melissa and Joe Gorga) when a beach patrol worker asked them to show their required badges.

A Ship Bottom Police Department staffer tells The Star-Ledger that the family "gave the badge checker a hard time" — sources tell that one person blasted the worker with expletives, which left her in tears — and the police were called.

"If anyone refuses to pay for the badge, we give them the option of leaving the beach," according to the Ship Bottom staffer. "They agreed to purchase the daily badge."

And TMZ's account:

The Giudices were kickin' it on Ship Bottom beach on Long Beach Island, NJ Saturday afternoon (with roughly 30 friends and family members) when they were approached by a teen girl beach worker.

Sources on the scene tell us, the employee asked to see the Giudices' "beach badges" -- basically $5 admission tickets required to chill in the sand -- and the family flipped, refusing to "pay to go to the beach."

We're told one family member even yelled at the girl, saying, "F*** you, f*** this we are not paying for the f***ing beach. This is a joke!" Remember: 5 dollars per person.

We're told the girl started crying, and when beach PD responded ... the Giudices continued to kick up a stink, but eventually coughed up chump change.

Of course, Teresa and Joe are facing massive money fraud charges, but still -- 2 TV stars oughta cough up 5 dollars without a fight.

Yeah, I know, the beach is a shakedown; but as my grandmother would say..."un' chiu' cafone e nad' (one bigger cafone than the next!.)

Giving a teenage girl a hard time and cursing her out to boot.