For weeks Giants fans basked in the comfort of knowing that no matter what, when free agency began, we were going to fix the offensive line by signing former Carolina guard Andrew Norwell. After all, the man who signed him with the Panthers, Dave Gettlemen, is now our general manager. There were even numerous reports saying that it was all but done.

Then the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts threw their hats in the ring and Viola! Next thing we know Andrew Norwell is not a Giant but get this a Jacksonville Jaguar, signed by Tom Coughlin. You remember Coughlin, the coach who won two Super Bowls for Big Blue only to lose his job in favor of keeping the unemployed Jerry Reese, who by the way remains unemployed, to the joy of football fans throughout the land.

So now what do the Giants do? They still need help on the offensive line and there really isn't much to choose from. Do they bring back Justin Pugh for big money hoping that he can stay healthy though out the season and him knowing that he wasn't their first choice after playing here five years? Maybe, but you still need more.

Losing Norwell should open the door for the Giants to draft a college player described as "generational" and that would be Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson, a man who can spend the next ten years in the Pro Bowl. Nelson can give the Giants the anchor they need for the line without having to spend the 60 plus millions that this free agency crop is getting.

Since it doesn't look like they're going to get a quarterback Nelson may be the way to go. They might even be able to trade down a few picks to get him. Maybe make a deal for Cleveland's number four and a few more picks. I wouldn't drop further than that. It's looking like the Browns will take Penn State running back Saquon Barkley at one if they do, they can get their quarterback of the future right after him. Either way, if the Giants want to address a need with a generational player, Quenton Nelson is the way to go and isn't that what you should want to do with the number two pick?

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