They could not have gone on any longer. Not with Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington coming into Metlife Stadium.

Monday was the perfect day for the Giants to fire both head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese. Otherwise, Sunday's home game against the Cowboys would be uglier than you could ever imagine.

Where once fans voiced their displeasure at games by booing or wearing bags over their heads, maybe flying a plane over the stadium,  today's fans armed with social media and paying hundreds of dollars for tickets vent in bigger and more dynamic ways. You may have seen the Big Blue Shame On You billboards. There's been talk of ex-players showing up wearing Eli Manning jerseys in a show of support after he was benched last week.

Big Blue Shame on You billboard on Route 80 in Elmwood Park
Big Blue Shame on You billboard on Route 80 in Elmwood Park (nolimitceo via Instagram)

What would be the point of putting Ben McAdoo on the sidelines and subjecting him to that? Both he and the team have been through enough, yet there are still four games to go.

Reese had to also go. Whereas his first draft in 2007 saw every player play in the Super Bowl that year, he's had so many misses despite drafting players like Odell Beckham Jr. and Jason Pierre Paul since then that he had to spend $200 million of ownership money to make up for it. There was no way the Giants could retain him, so it's better for all concerned that they let him go now too.

What affects the Giants most is when the fans sell their tickets to fans of the opposing team. That shows that they just don't care. Plus at these prices, I'd rather sell my tickets and stay home where I can turn the game off than put myself through this aggravation.

If the Giants were smart, they would designate the last home game "Eli Manning Day" as both a tribute and apology for what they put their franchise quarterback through. What better way to say "thank uou" than to subject him to the Eagles pass rush with no blocking? I digress ...

If the Giants were smarter, they'd keep Eli next year no matter who they draft. He continues to demonstrate his love for the team despite all the adversity that's come his way, and who better to give the team a chance to win now while you develop?

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