The New York Giants will be bringing back one of last year's special team's captains, just as soon as he finishes trying out for the Olympics as a rugby player.

Acording to, "Nate Ebner will join approximately 30 players trying out for the 12 spots on the U.S. team coached by Mike Friday that will compete in the XXXII Olympiad, which is scheduled to begin July 23 in Tokyo." Then it's back to the Giants.

Nate Ebner, a guest of mine on my "What's Up, New Jersey?" podcast talked about his new book Finish Strong: A Father's Code and a Son's Path and he tells me he'll be returning to Big Blue for this upcoming season.

"I am definitely going back to the Giants," Ebner said when I talked to him. "We're obviously hashing that out but my situation is different but ultimately they supported me in this journey in my life and I'm extremely grateful for their support."

As for his rugby tryout, Ebner says;

"Yeah I'm trying out and it's a day by day grind obviously with COVID things have made it this year and last year when the Olympics should have been being pushed to the year it's just been a different landscape than it typically is."

"We're making the most out of it but at the end of the day it's a day at a time thing trying to get better at the small things, the fundamentals trying to get in better shape and we'll see where the cards fall as we get closer to crunch time."

Ebner talked about his relationship with Giants head coach Joe Judge, who he played for in New England.

"We have a unique relationship, I mean when he came in as a coach in New England, that was my rookie year, I've been around him every year that I've had in the NFL, going on ten this year. So it's been quite a lot of time not many people can say that they're with someone for every year of their career let alone when their career is ten years long. I have a good relationship with him but I also understand how he operates in terms of special teams so we kind of share a love for the details that is special teams, because a lot of people don't understand it to that extent because they're not that involved."

Ebner also understands Joe Judge the person.

"I also understand Joe in terms of what he came from in New England because I came from the same thing and it's at the end of the day a hard-working guy that's going to push to gain every edge that he can and he's going to create a culture that's centered around what you do every day with your work is really what you'll get." Ebner also said. "He's been great, he's going to continue building this team and we'll see what happens. I'm excited about it."

So am I!

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