At first, I hear the story about how a food delivery guy got lost for five hours delivering food to a home in Ocean County, and I’m skeptical, thinking there's no way that could have happened.

Then, I opened up the phones on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show, and was flooded with calls from people who have had similar experiences getting lost, and realized that this kind of thing happens often. From dirt bike riders to hunters to a guy who got lost in his own backyard, we heard stories all morning of how easy it can be to lose your way.

Then, later in the day I got a chance to speak directly with the cops that saved him.

Getting lost is real. I looked at Google Maps of the area and very quickly you realize how easy it would be to get disoriented and walk miles away from the road. I told the story of getting myself lost on a run in Chicago. It was awful. It took me hours to find my hotel. My wife had no idea what could have happened. Given the high crime in Chicago today, I'd have skipped the run altogether, but years ago, I just left the hotel and started running, only my hotel key on me. So stupid.

I've told my kids to learn from my mistakes and always stay connected. I wouldn't think about running or biking now without a cell phone. My kids like to remind me that I also got stuck in a corn maze ... yup, I was that guy who had to be guided out by people standing and yelling on the bridge overlooking the maze. Slightly embarrassing, to say the least.

So my conclusion is: Don’t go anywhere you don’t have cell service!

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