Gov. Chris Christie leaves office on Tuesday, after an eight-year tenure that saw him achieve record highs and lows in both accomplishments and approval rating. On New Jersey 101.5's "Ask the Governor" and elsewhere, he has always had a penchant for the viral one-liner. Here are a few that will be remembered long after Christie's term is up.

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    'Get the hell off the beach'

    Probably the most-quoted of all Christie sound bites, "Get the hell off the beach" came in advance of Hurricane Irene in August 2011. "You've maximized your tan," the governor told shore residents and visitors in a plea to get them to evacuate.

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    'Take the bat out on her'

    Early in Christie's first term, as part of his frequently antagonistic relationship with the state press corps, the governor expressed frustration with their focus on him, and not his frequent sparring partner, Democratic state Sen. Loretta Weinberg. "Can you guys please take the bat out on her for once?" Christie pleaded. Weinberg later said she received bats as gag gifts from friends, bearing both her and Christie's names.

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    Christie faced some backlash in early 2012 after referring to state Assemblyman Reed Gusciora as a "numbnuts" when the two had a disagreement over the governor's desire to put gay marriage up as a ballot question rather than working it through the legislature. Christie refused to apologize for the remark, discussing it soon after on "Ask the Governor."

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    'Sit down and shut up'

    As the governor's post-Superstorm Sandy popularity began to wane while recovery stretched toward the two-year mark in 2014, he dealt with a heckler head-on at an anniversary event. "You wanna have the conversation later, I'm happy to have it, buddy," Christie said to the man interrupting his speech. "But until that time, sit down and shut up."

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    'Want me to go down there with a mop?'

    As Christie desperately tried to hang onto hope in the 2016 presidential race, he faced a question during a campaign stop as to why he was continuing to stump in New Hampshire, rather than turning his attention to cleanup efforts from flooding in South Jersey. "I don't know exactly what you expect me to do. You want me to go down there with a mop?" an exasperated Christie said. The exchange would be referenced just days later ...

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    'The memorized 25-second speech'

    Christie may not have won the Republican nomination — he finished sixth in that New Hampshire race and then dropped out — but in the process of putting all his eggs in New Hampshire's basket, he managed to bring Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio down with him. On Feb. 6, 2016, during the final debate before New Hampshire, Christie hammered Rubio on what he dismissed as Washington establishment talking points. Rubio fell right into the trap, continuing to reiterate a seemingly scripted response about then-president Barack Obama. "There it is," Christie said, talking over Rubio. "The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody." It was the watershed moment of the GOP primary and shifted the campaign even more toward Donald Trump, whom Christie became the first Republican candidate to endorse three weeks later.

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    'The host is a dope'

    In the last great feud of his governorship, Christie took on New Jersey 101.5 morning show host Bill Spadea over his #NoGasTax crusade during the 2016 election cycle. The standoff came to a head over several episodes of "Ask the Governor" in the first half of 2017, after Christie's longtime lieutenant, Kim Guadagno, had announced her run to succeed him. "The dummies on this radio station, and the guests that they have, don't want to acknowledge (the tax cuts paired with the gas tax increase proposal), because that's difficult math to do for the dope you work with in the morning," Christie told host Eric Scott. "Lt. Gov. Guadagno now wastes her time ... by going onto that idiot's show in the morning (for her then-weekly #DigginInWithKim segment). It's a waste of time, because the host is a dope."

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