Governor Christie says he's not going to apologize for calling Assemblyman Reed Gusciora a "numbnuts", but he won't hold a grudge against him either.

In fact, the Governor says he's looking forward to sitting down with Gusciora soon for a nice little chat.

During Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor program last night, Christie said using the term "numbnuts" was no big deal - because his own mother used to call him a "numbnuts" occasionally, and "I thought it was a pretty light slap at a guy (Gusciora) who compared me to George Wallace and Lester Maddox - who were two absolutely vile people in the political history of our country."

Gusciora made his comments after Christie suggested putting the gay marriage question on the ballot, and rejecting suggestions that gay marriage was a civil rights issue.

The governor also said "I am not a scripted politician and so sometimes I am going to use an adjective that you don't like - let me tell you, there's a lot of other adjectives that I could have used that would have been a lot less Chief of Staff says he wants to sit down with me - and I'm happy to sit down with Reed - we worked together on medical marijuana when there was all kinds of blocks in the Legislature on it- and worked well together...I'll always sit down and talk with Reed - Reed's a good guy- but I think he was out of control on this issue...I think what he said was stupid."

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