You may have noticed a few months ago restaurants stopped offering you plastic straws. You have to ask for one and then they can give you one.

Stupid, pointless and a waste of time? Sure, we live in New Jersey.

Our legislators have to find something to do to avoid spending time on our real problems. So they virtue signal or cave into pressure groups and pass worthless laws that do nothing but make out lives more costly and inconvenient.

Soon all of us will have to carry our own little sacks into the supermarket when we go shopping. The start date for that, according to, is May 4, 2022.

We are just a few short months away from the plastic bag ban and some supermarkets are trying to train the public to get used to the idea.

At a large supermarket chain in our town, a couple of the self-checkout lanes are exclusively for "customers with their own bags." They've gotten people used to the idea of the "new normal."

We can only imagine the bedlam, chaos and squealing that will be going on once this starts.

It's New Jersey. It won't happen quietly. I feel for the people who work at the stores.

The big question I have is since we'll all have to carry our own bags, how will we know who the "good people" are who care about our planet and future generations? Maybe we'll print up stickers for their bags that say "I was doing this long before they made me!"

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