Move over, Thomas Edison.

With gas prices soaring, is there an alternative to fossil fuels? It’s up to a hero of Jim’s to save the planet: Mike Strizki.

Strizki is the founder of the Hydrogen House Project. He lives in a house completely powered by hydrogen. He also drives a car powered by hydrogen and spoke to Jim during latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show, presented every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. on

“It’s taking hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe and free until the corporations get a hold of it, and convert this into energy, which will run anything running from your car and your house right down to your lawn equipment and your weedwhacker,” Jim said.

Strizki once drove the car, a Toyota, across the country from California to New Jersey.

“These cars get the equivalent of 70 to 80 miles per gallon, which means they use one-fifth of the fuel to do the same distance,” Strizki said. “They’re very efficient and make pure drinking water 12 gallons every single tankful."

Strizki said hydrogen fuel cells have fueled every manned space mission since Apollo for the last 70 years and have provided astronauts with drinking water, heat and electricity.

“If I can be my own oil refinery and power plant with basically no commercial funding, this scares the bejesus out of the rest of society, which has trillions of dollars invested in the oil infrastructure,” Strizki said.

Jim believes that Strizki’s technology could help save the planet.

“Vehicles cause 54% of all the greenhouse gases in the world and the other 40% are homes and buildings. If we go to a hydrogen economy where we’re taking renewable resources and converting that into electricity, when I make my electricity here in my home I produce pure oxygen,” Strizki said, adding that his home has been off the grid for 18 years.

And that will make Mike's home a shrine to hydrogen as a major source of energy in the future.

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