⛽Cars stalled out after filling up at a Conoco station on Route 30 in Camden

⛽The highway had been closed for flooding after Tuesday's storm

⛽Initial testing did not show water in the gas

CAMDEN – A Conoco gas station was shut down late Wednesday afternoon after several drivers became disabled after filling up with gas that was likely contaminated with water.

Drivers stalled in the station lot and on the westbound Admiral Wilson Boulevard as they left the station requiring a tow. The road had been closed for flooding until 4:30 p.m. from Tuesday's heavy rain leading an employee to speculate to NBC Philadelphia water got into the tank.

County spokesman Dan Keashen told New Jersey 101.5 in an email that initial testing on the gas by the county did not confirm the presence of water. A second set of tests by the Camden County Department of Weights & Measures "implies water had adulterated the gas supply ," according to Keashen.

Final test results should be available in the next 24 hours.

The pumps at the station have been locked.

Conoco gas station on Route 30 in Camden 1/10/24
Conoco gas station on Route 30 in Camden 1/10/24 (6 ABC Action News via YouTube)

How many vehicles affected?

When the station became aware of problems it shut down the pumps and started taking the names of complaining customers in order to compensate them for repairs. Keashen said the station told the Department of Weights & Measures that 25 customers had left their names as of Thursday morning.

"Our consumer protection departments and will be there to assist drivers to connect with the owner for claims for their vehicles. The city department of weights and measures can be reached at 856-757-7131 and the county can be reached at 856-374-6001.

According to CarPartrs.com water in gasoline can cause an engine to initially run rough and eventually stall.  The water could cause Parts of a vehicle's fuel system to corrode.

The gas tank will need to be drained and the fuel system repaired.

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