You probably heard my buddy Bill Spadea ranting earlier this week about "dumpster etiquette." 

Meanwhile, just down the street from the New Jersey 101.5 studios, someone doesn't even need a dumpster!

Over the past two weeks or so, any passerby could literally start furnishing their home...for the taking!

FREE mattress! You provide the box spring and sheets. (Craig Allen photo).

A few days later, the mattress is gone...

Grab it...before it is rained on! (Craig Allen photo).

...replaced by a La-Z-Boy recliner! No doubt, dropped off by a lazy boy...sorry...someone too lazy to dispose of it...properly.

Oh....and this recliner comes complete with...

Drinks, anyone? (Craig Allen photo).

"Red Solo Cup" ("I fill you up!").

Wait, dumpster-divers (or, in this case, no-dumpster divers)...we're not done!

Multi-person seating! (Craig Allen photo).

Need a "comfy couch?"

Comfy...and, with a VIEW! (Craig Allen photo).


Tuesday evening, as I was rushing in to engineer the night show, with Bill...I am NOT air conditioner was sitting on the ground, next to the couch!

should have pulled over to snap a picture...but, as I said, I was in a bit of a hurry...I just knew that the air conditioner wouldn't be there in a few hours!

In the midnight hour, only the couch remained.

As of this evening (Sunday), weary travelers can still make use of the couch at this "roadside rest area." I guess that no one wants it...yet.

One more thing. Should you think that this "free furniture drop-off location" is a new phenomenon...

In the past, the free mattress included a box spring! (Craig Allen photo archives).

I present this photo that I took of a mattress in the same 2013! On August 8, 2013, I posted:

"I'm on my way in to New Jersey 101.5, and I see this box spring and mattress along the side of the road!

Further, its not lying flat on the ground...but leaning up against a fence!

I'm thinking that someone is not getting a good night's sleep...and is making a very public point of it.

So, I pull over, and grab my camera...this isn't the sort of thing that one sees everyday!"

Two years later...its more of a common sight!  But, I digress...

Back to Bill Spadea:

Should you be looking for a queen-sized mattress, complete with box spring...and/or some red upholstered chairs..."furniture that looked like it came from the early 70's..." (Bill's words from the rant), look no further than the dumpster at the end of his driveway.

Someone who doesn't observe "dumpster etiquette," dropped them off.

Hence, the rant!

I'm sure that Bill will let you have his newly-acquired furnishings...

As the sign says. (Craig Allen photo)

...for a "steal!"