For 15 years Frank Lewis woke Philadelphia up on WOGL but in radio, much like baseball managing, you're hired to be fired and it eventually happened to Lewis.

Frank joined me last night and in between all the fun we were having together opened up about leaving.

"I was part of the morning show for the whole 15 years and was let go due to the radio station being bought."

He also talked about the good times:

"Every year the week of Thanksgiving, it was called “Franksgiving”. I dressed up as a turkey and gave clues out every morning as to where I was hiding and whoever found me got $500 in groceries. It was pretty hysterical every year. My other great memories are all of the charity events I was a part of. Especially Special Olympics and CHOP. I did the polar bear plunge every year for 9 year in Wildwood as well as volunteering for the Special Olympics Summer Games at State College of NJ, also the Pal Games, CHOP radiothon and of course getting to take my mom 7times to Ireland, 3 Hawaiian cruises and 2 Alaska cruises"

Working with Frank last night was a total blast! You can definitely see that talent wasn't the reason he was let go. In radio, like many businesses, there are so many reasons why changes are made. The only thing you can do when change happens is take t in stride, don't take it personally, believe more than ever in your ability and give yourself the job of finding your next job. For a man with Frank's talent and social media love, it won't be long.

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