By now you know about my Jersey Brackets for March Madness. Joining the show to weigh in on Monday's bracket of Frankie Valli vs. Bruce Springsteen, was former Four Season, Joe Long, who joined the band in 1965. he currently plays in the Four Seasons cover band, the Jersey Four.

During the call, Long joked with Steve about how having people make the decision of Springsteen and Valli is like the current election. "We got to get people out there to vote," he said, "we gotta beat the boss." Despite his best efforts, by the time the hour ended, Springsteen had won the poll, 51.8% to Valli's 48.2%.

Long was surprised and excited to hear that Valli had beaten Frank Sinatra in last week's bracket. "There aren't many people, singers, past or present, who can say they beat Frank Sinatra in anything... that's quite an accomplishment." He then shared what it was like when the Four Seasons opened for Ol' Blue Eyes. One time he lent them his plane!

Hear Long's full interview in the video above.