Yup, the Boston Red Sox, despite their best effort to let the lead slip away, pulled out a win over the New York Yankees on Tuesday night taking the five game series and launching them into the American League Championship Series.

Since most of our listeners are either New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies or New York Yankees fans, that pretty much means the baseball talk is over on the morning show. Except for the fact that Yankee die-hard Patrick Lavery was so confident in a Yankees win, he bet me a meatloaf. Not just any meatloaf mind you. The top rated meatloaf with garlic sauce, which could have easily been the winner on Meatloaf Day.

Of course, Meatloaf Day relies on human judges and since we don't have instant reply (yet), Patrick came in fourth. That said. It. Is. Outstanding. Yes. Outstanding. Meatloaf. So confident in my team by marriage, I bet his meatloaf recipe against my pulled pork.

The good news is that Patrick, in addition to being a great newsman and an excellent chef, is a super nice and generous guy. You can be sure that there will be enough to go around for the morning crew and beyond. The big day is set for Monday, October 15th. We'll post his recipe for you to enjoy then.

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