Not everyone has energy to garden each and every year, but I'm sure everyone can agree that farm fresh fruits and vegetables taste 10x better than those at the supermarkets.

One of my favorite fall activities is stopping by farms that allow picking. It’s so much fun and something that you can do with your family. From all the years of living in New Jersey, I’ve been able to discover quite a few that I love! (Because, Garden State.)

Yes, it’s always cool to buy farm fresh produce from a farmers market or a farmstand along the road but there’s nothing quite as cool as picking your own. If you are looking to purchase some fresh fruit that isn’t from the grocery store check out one of these locations.

Make sure to check their websites for schedules!

  • 1

    Battleview Orchards, Freehold

    Battleview Orchards, a family owned and operated farm, located in Freehold, NJ, harvests locally grown fruits and invites the public to “Pick Your Own.” I try to make a trip to Battleview every year and I’m never disappointed. Plus, Battleview Orchards is the oldest Pick Your Own orchard in New Jersey! New Jersey strawberries, sour cherries, New Jersey peaches, nectarines, New Jersey apples, and pumpkins are just some of their offerings.

  • 2

    Johnson’s Farm, Medford

    A virtual wonderland of fruits and veggies and the perfect family destination, Johnson’s has everything that you or the kids would love to do.
    Strawberry picking, blueberry and bouquet picking and a unique discovery barnyard and animal farm. My favorite thing about Johnson’s farm are the little farmer classes so you can bring your 3 to 5-year-old budding farmer to learn how to grow! season passes are available.

  • 3

    Specca Farms, Bordentown

    Not every pick-your-own farm has the selection that Specca Farms does. Some just let you pick strawberries. Some focus more on apple picking. At Specca, fill your basket with handpicked strawberries, broccoli rabe, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, onions, fava Beans in the spring. And assorted veggies, beans, and greens in the winter.

  • 4

    Lee Turkey Farm, East Windsor

    A popular destination, especially for it’s convenient location, Lee’s Turkey Farm has been putting smiles on the faces of New Jersey families for years. You can pick a variety of the freshest fruits and vegetables. Their selection changes monthly.

  • 5

    Alstede Farms, Chester

    Alstede Farms is open from 9-6 all week long, and you can expect plenty of strawberries as well as raspberries and blueberries throughout the summer. You have to purchase a ticket before entering the farm but after that feel free to explore and pick berries to your heart's desire.

  • 6

    Stonyfield Orchards, Belvidere

    If you like cherries or forgot they existed and now are craving one, head over to Stonyfield Orchards! They are known for their sour cherries, apples, peaches and pears all of which will be there all summer. If you are coming specifically for cherries, definitely consider going before July is over as they are best freshly grown.

  • 8

    Emery’s Farm, New Egypt

    If you are frustrated by supermarket blueberries go to Emery’s. There are fields and fields of blueberries to choose from making sure each and every one that lands in your fridge is perfect. The farm also grows 8 varieties of blueberries which until reading that fact I had no idea there even were 8 kinds of blueberries!

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