If this election tally holds up, Bruce Springsteen will not be moving to Australia, not that he'd actually ever leave New Jersey.

Springsteen's latest release, "Letter to You," debuted at No. 22 on the Billboard charts, making "The Boss" the first act with top-5 charting albums in each of the last six decades, according to Billboard. "Letter to You" has been described as a love letter to all who helped him along the way. I see it partially as a love letter to his younger self.

Lawrence Kirsch, author of "For You," which is basically a love letter from Bruce's fans, spoke to me about the album.

"It's a letter to his younger self" Kirsch said when he came on my show last Thursday night, Nov. 5. "It's a letter to members that have passed on from his band specifically referencing Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici, who was one of the original members of the E Street Band."

Kirsch sees it as Bruce taking stock.

"It's a very personal album of his aging and mortality." Bruce recently turned 71.

"He's taking stock not only of his career but in his own life line, what's going on?" He's also referenced a lot of touchtones from his previous albums. Kirsch describes the album as a "testimony to his longevity in the business as well as a call out to the people who helped him get there."

As for "For You," Kirsch says, "the book is written by the Bruce Springsteen fan community." There are more than 400 pictures mostly taken by fans. "We go back to the beginning the first photos are from 1969 and it goes up to 2007. Those photos are complimented with amazing stories including some from Europe, Canada and the United States."

"For You" is a great compliment to "Letter To You" in that you can listen to Bruce pay tribute to his past while seeing it in all it's "Glory Days" right in front of you. But you must act fast.

"It's a limited edition" says Kirsch, as there are only 200 copies left.

To get your copy of "For You," click here.

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