The New Jersey coastline will be under the gun with the weekend snowstorm, with extremely high tides causing flooding and major beach erosion.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said "the timing of this storm and surge is unfortunate, as the full moon is causing a naturally high tide level this weekend," with a storm surge of 3 to 4 feet.

In comparison, the surge from Superstorm Sandy ranged from 7 to 14 feet.

"Sandy's surf wrath was hardest felt in Monmouth County, where the tide gauge at Sandy Hook hit 14.4 feet before the gauge broke. This weekend's nor'easter is expected to peak at 8 feet — not even close," Zarrow said.

In other words: These tides are serious business, but history's not about to repeat itself.

As of Friday afternoon, a coastal flood warning is in effect for the most of the Jersey Shore from Ocean County and south effective at 4 a.m. Saturday. The National Weather Service expected water levels to approach the top-five recorded levels in Cape May and Lewes, and the top 10 ever recorded in Atlantic City.  Many roads will flood and minor to moderate property damage is likely in the most flood-prone areas, according to the NWS.

Barnegat has called for a mandatory evacuation between the Barnegat Municipal Bathing Beach and the East Bay Avenue Bridge while Mansquan and Toms River have both issued voluntary evacuation for low-lying areas.

The worst surge (and flooding) is expected to occur over the southern coast (Atlantic and Cape May counties).  It still only falls into the "moderate flooding" category.

High tide times and forecast levels for select coastal points are listed below. Tide levels are reported are "MLLW," for Mean Lowest Low Water, in feet.

Sandy Hook (Monmouth County)
Friday morning's high tide: ~5 feet
Forecast nor'easter peak: ~8 feet (moderate fooding)
Sandy peak: 14.4-plus feet  (tide gauge broke during the storm)
7 a.m. Saturday: Near 7 feet MLLW.
7:28 p.m Saturday: NEAR 7.5 feet MLLW
7:44 a.m. Sunday: 7.5 TO 8 feet MLLW

Seaside Heights (Ocean County)
(no current or Sandy data available)
6:30 a.m. Saturday: Near 7 feet MLLW
6:58 p.m. Saturday: 7.5 TO 8 feet MLLW
7:14 a.m. Sunday: 7.5 TO 8 feet MLLW

Atlantic City (Atlantic County)
Friday morning's high tide: ~4.5 feet
Forecast nor'easter peak: ~7.5 feet (Moderate Flooding)
Sandy Peak: 8.8 feet
December, 1992 nor'easter peak: 9 feet
6:43 a.m. Saturday: 7 to 7.5 feet MLLW
7:09 p.m. Saturday: Near 7.5 feet MLLW
7:26 a.m. Sunday: 7.5 TO 8 feet MLLW

Cape May (Cape May County)
Friday morning's high tide: ~5.5 feet
Forecast nor'easter peak: ~8.5 feet (moderate, close to major flooding)
Sandy peak: 8.9 feet
7:17 a.m. Saturday: Near 8 feet MLLW
7:43 PM Saturday: Near 8 feet MLLW
8 a.m. Sunday: NEAR 8.5 feet MLLW

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