Nothing but blowouts in the Edible 8 candy wars this year. NJ based M&Ms crushed Swedish Fish 76% to 24% to advance to the Flavorful 4. Whoppers season just ended with a 70% to 30% loss to Twix. 2017 champion Reese's Peanut Butter Cups utterly destroyed Chunky by 82% to 18%, the biggest blowout of the Edible 8. And the biggest upset? The inexplicable loss of Nutrageous to Take Five, 63% to 37%.

Take Five??? That's the candy bar you buy when they're all out of Nutrageous! Nutrageous is from the same maker as last year's champ, peanut butter cups! But with a harsh dose of cold reality, here are the matchups to vote on in the Flavorful 4. Polls will remain open until Monday October 29 at 12 noon. May the better candies win.

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