You do need a license to freshwater fish in New Jersey if you are 16 and older. If you are over 70, the state figures they've already fleeced you enough and you can fish for free.

There are however 2 "free" fishing days in New Jersey for freshwater. One just past on June 10th, but mark the other one down on your calendar. It's Saturday October 21st!

Now saltwater is a different story.

Although a saltwater fishing license is not required in New Jersey, they do require you to register in their Saltwater Recreational Registry Program. This started back in 2006 so that NOAA can keep better track of what fish are being caught and where.

But in 2011, New Jersey started its registry to allow you to avoid the $15.00 federal fee. So go online and register and you can enjoy fluking in the bays or the ocean this time of year, or head out to the beach with your surf pole and you can catch anything from a striper to a shark, (yeah really) and anything in between.

A great thing to do starting right about now, especially with the kids, is crabbing! A lot of fun, a little scary, and absolutely delicious. Plus it's still free, if you're using hand-lines and/or collapsible traps.

More info about fishing in the state can be found on the NJ Department of Fish & Water website, for both salt and freshwater fishing.

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