According to the Twitter account of reporter Erika Shych of News 12 New Jersey, a member of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, has been arrested and summonsed for violation of public orders and obstruction after exiting the gym today. Atilis Gym is, of course, the gym in Camden County whose owners decided to open despite the governors orders for all gyms in New Jersey to remain closed.

Crowds of people gathered outside the day of the opening to support the owners’ decision to go back to business. News of the arrest on Shych’s Twitter feed sparked a thread of both supporters and critics of owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, with some asking how this could this possibly happen in America and others decrying the owners’ recklessness in opening during the COVID-19 shut down.

According to the Twitter thread, the owners of the gym are warning members before they enter every day that summonses are a possibility. When one Twitter user suggests that the gym goers should be thrown in jail for potentially infecting others, one follower replied, sarcastically, “Let the violent criminals out so we can throw this guy in, very logical.” That is ironic isn’t it? We are letting criminals out of jail so they don’t infect each other but we are treating these businessman and their customers as though they are the criminals.

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