A middle school football coach, who was fired for planning to hold the team's awards ceremony at Hooters, is gong to have the team party there anyway.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

The Portland-area volunteer, who is still fired, was released of his duties by the athletic director of the school this week, after it was discovered what the coach had in store. Hooters stepped in and offered to host the team's party for free, solidifying the coach's decision to just go ahead and have the party there anyway. The Jantzen Beach Hooters location will also be giving the school's booster $1,000 and 20% of their sales on Saturday.

It is a smart move by Hooters, and a not so smart move by the school. As for the team, they will learn another meaning of “backfield in motion."

Would you have a problem with a middle school football team holding their awards ceremony at Hooters?