Governor Phil Murphy says the federal plan to deploy agents from Border Patrol tactical units to Newark and other so-called sanctuary cities runs counter to our Jersey values.

I often wonder as the governor keeps finding new ways to tax us and new policies to aggravate us if he even knows what Jersey values are. One that comes to mind is we value an honest day's work for an honest day's pay and we're not looking to pick up the tab for those who don't or won't do so. But why stop there?

I asked the question on my Facebook live and these are some of the comments I received:

Axel Jay: "A gruffness on the outside; yet very loving on the inside."

Jeff Polascak: "Brutal Honesty."

James Weaber: "Stubbornness."

Suzy Rose Yengo: "Loyalty."

Gregg Arce: "Jersey values to me, my Italian heritage, the shore, the tomatoes, the gala mod!!!"

Jim Giaquinto: "I can remember my best friend and I chased down a litterer in Ringoes , he went back to pick it up, ya know."

Joseph Goldner: "Little known NJ Value #429: at Wawa's you have a Constitutional right to leave your car running with the doors unlocked."

Gavino Antonio Sereni: "Don’t try too screw me revenge a b***h."

Carmine Losurdo: "Steve, how about tristate values because I'm a transplant, being true to the ones you love. The love for your country love for your family loving the small town feel. Enjoying the shore and relaxing."

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