Patrolman Ian Traver is our #BlueFriday honoree for this week.

Officer Travers responded to a call at a residence with a man suffering cardiac arrest. Travers connected with the victim's wife learning that he was not breathing and was unconscious. Without skipping a beat, Travers immediately began implementing life-saving efforts and got the victim breathing again.

Thanks to the life-saving efforts of Officer Traver, the man was kept alive long enough for EMTs to get him to the hospital. The victim is now recovering from the incident.

Patrolman Traver - Evesham Police (Facebook Page)
Patrolman Traver - Evesham Police (Facebook Page)

This is one more example of the great instincts, training, and quick action that officers take in order to prevent a life-changing tragedy. Thanks to Officer Traver and all of the hero cops who have responded to incidents like this, countless people have a new lease on life.

Read the full account on the Evesham PD Facebook page:

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