It might seem like sacrilege, but the famous White Manna Hamburgers in Hackensack now offers a Beyond Burger. As reported on, the venerable, old school burger joint now has a meatless choice for vegetarians. White Manna’s version of the Beyond Burgers are meatless patties that are made with pea protein. They are then colored with beet extract.

Having eaten at White Manna, I find it surprising that an establishment that is so obviously traditional would add a veggie burger to its menu. White Manna seems anything but trendy. Fast food places have been hopping on the Beyond/Impossible meatless burger bandwagon: Burger King got a lot of attention for introducing a meatless Whopper, and White Castle, Red Robin, Carls, Jr., TGI Fridays, and Fatburger have all added one to their menu. McDonald’s has one, but is only available overseas.

While White Manna refers to its typical burgers as “sliders,” but the meatless version is a full sized “burger.” It comes with fries for $7.99.

While the Beyond Burger contains no meat, it is cooked alongside the regular sliders on the same grill.

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