I just kept thinking, is this a joke?

That was my gut reaction to a Fox News story about a new song by Cher. The 74-year-old performer has once again gotten political not only choosing sides in this year’s presidential election but actually recording a song for Joe Biden.

It’s called "Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe," and it’s truly awful. Before you listen to it, think about it. Even those voting for Biden in New Jersey are probably doing it more as an anti-Trump vote rather than a pro-Biden vote, don’t you think? Biden is expected to win New Jersey’s electoral votes handily with all credible polls leaning his way. 270towin.com has the Garden State 55% Biden 37% Trump.

But I think in a blue state like Jersey the anti-Trump sentiment is such that a vacuum cleaner could beat him. Yet here’s Cher singing about Joe Biden as if he’s rainbows and unicorns and all things pure joy personified.

This sounds like a lesser known tune from a failed Broadway debacle. This is pure schmaltz.

Just some of the lyrics...

It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe
He's got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow
He's got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know President Joe's passing by

Right now our country is gloomy, fear is in the air
But when Joe's president, hope is everywhere
Troubles fly away and life is easy go
Joe will keep us safe, that's all we need to know
Seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe

No, life won’t be an easy go no matter who the president is. We will still have COVID-19 to deal with, rebuilding an economy to deal with, and foreign adversaries to deal with. No, troubles won’t just fly away. Even if Biden does get in his smile wont make lilacs grow.

If you believe otherwise I have a traffic study on the GW Bridge I’d like to sell you.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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