There is no actual specifically gender-based pay gap. The progressive left wants you to think that there is rampant discrimination, which can only be solved by more burdens on businesses.

What they don't tell you is the figures touted every April about a so-called pay gap don't account for some very basic facts like the fact that men work on average about a half hour more each day than women. The fact that nearly 90% of men work full time compared to 75% of women. The fact that men overwhelmingly choose career paths in engineering and other areas which pay more than preferred paths of women including social work.

They certainly don't tell you about the careers in 2019 where women are paid on average MORE than men including military officers. I've written about the propaganda that is used to pass bad legislation several times in the past. Here's my take on the NJ law and the issue overall.

I want to thank Carrie Lukas, the accomplished thought-leader and writer who is President of the Independent Women's Forum me on Wednesday's show to discuss the truth about #EqualPayDay.

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