Police Officer David Sabo Jr. passed away on February 7th after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a fall down a flight of stairs.

His daughter Stacy reached out to me earlier this week to ask if I would share her dad's story with you. Officer Sabo served as a New Brunswick Police Officer for twenty-five years along with his brother and father.

He created the first Domestic Violence program in the city and was the leader of the Middlesex County team deployed to the World Trade Center on 9/11 hours after the Towers fell.

Stacey describes her dad best in her note to me:

He was an exemplary cop with the highest morals of anyone who ever held the position. Because of his selflessness I am burying my father at 35 years of age. He was humble and never bragged about what he did. I’m here to brag for him. New Brunswick was lucky to have him and I want to celebrate what he has done for others.

According to his daughter, complications from his time at the WTC site and a rare blood disease left him vulnerable and when he fell and hit his head, he was unable to recover.

Like most cops, he didn't brag about his service. He wasn't looking for any credit. Just a man that would get up in the morning and serve and protect others. A sacrifice that he proudly embraced for several decades.

David Sabo Jr. is a representative for all the cops that go about their service every day, without headlines and high praise. Just the satisfaction of rising to their calling of service with strength, courage and determination.

Officer Sabo is a hero and an inspiration to all of us.

End Of Watch: February 7, 2019. Rest in peace.

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