Did you know that May is National Salad Month? What better place than the Garden State to enjoy a great freshly made salad.

Here in New Jersey, we have some of the best places to get a great salad. But one of the many things that's great about a salad, along with the nutritional value, is that you can personalize the ingredients to make it your own. That's something that you cannot get on a restaurant menu.

While there are many types of salads to choose from, such as Caesar or cobb, I have never seen a "Jersey" salad. So I asked my social media:

"If you were going to make a "Jersey salad" What would you put in it? What kind of dressing?  Here are some of the answers. Enjoy and know that while you're doing so, like your mother would say "Eat! It's good for you!"

Lynn Ann Murray
Well since we are the Garden State, lettuce ,jersey tomatoes , cucumber , onion , peppers , cranberries ( we have many Bogs ) , pork roll and Bagel pieces as croutons , with a Vinaigrette dressing lol

Keith Vena
Lettuce Tomatoes, Onions, Sweet Peppers, Italian or Cesar Dressing, Mozzarella Cheese, Taylor Ham/Pork Roll and Croutons.

Larry Nichols
Pork roll, broccoli rabe, soft pretzels and Italian dressing

Rick Verso
This is the most simple but delicious Jersey Tomato salad. In a large mixing bowl add finely minced garlic ( 2-3 cloves), cubed Jersey beefsteak tomatoes (2-3) and about 1/4 cup of olive oil ( NOT EXTRA VIRGIN!!), three tablespoons of water and lots of salt! Mix well and refrigerate until the flavors maridouche together for about 30 minutes! You will thank me later! Remember...NO vinegar!!!

Penny Charles
Lettuce, tomato, eggs avocado, bacon, feta, executive turkey sandwich meat, and chipotle dressing cause we be spicey!

Jill Connerton
Tomatoes, corn, and cranberries (and other stuff to be determined).

Giulio Poli
Iceburg, fresh garlic, red wine vinegar,olive oil . salt&pepper

Alex Lipert
Jersey Tomatoes topped with Jersey corn

Joanne Voorhees
Spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, thin sliced red onions, avocado, fresh cooked bacon, fresh shaved parmesan homemade blue cheese dressing

Harry Spivak
Tomatoes, corn, rare tuna or seared scallops on a bed of beautiful baby greens, sherry vinaigrette

Peter Szewzek
Steve Trevelise ,The greatest achievement in democracy for all of humanity was: the fact that one thousand islands came together to decide on one dressing.

Chris McKelvey
PORK ROLL, bacon, lettuce, hot dog chunks, tomatoes, mozz cheese, marinara sauce.

Janet Hires-Whitaker
Jersey tomatoes, cucumbers, Vidalia onions, mayo, Apple cider vinegar and agave. The best tomato summer salad, ever!

Cindi White
Olive Oil & Vinegar
Add: Albacore (caught in New Jersey)

Gino Formaroli
A classic famous salad from the old Chambersburg neighborhood in Trenton was the famous Crecco's (pronounced Greco's) salad. Crecco's was the creme de La Creme of the Old Neighborhood Italian restaurants, movies stars and athletes ate there, Sinatra, Streisand, Howard Cosell among others I remember, Joe Dimaggio was a friend of Lou the owner......The salad consisted of mixed Iceberg and Romaine lettuce, chunks about the size of a sugar cube of provolone, Swiss and American cheese. Also chunks of tuna, anchovies, Beets, celery, sliced hard boiled egg, chunks of ham, salami and pepperoni, and chopped artichoke hearts....and usually served just with oil and vinegar or a seasoned vinaigrette dressing. The large was a full meal for two...now I want one...lol

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