Depending on who you believe Jalen Hurts will be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles come September. Unless he isn't. Right now Hurts is the only quarterback the birds have on their roster but that could be changing soon.

Today, the Eagles are hosting Audubon native Joe Flacco, who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens following the 2012 season. Flacco has also played for the Denver Broncos and last year made four starts with the New York Jets where he backed up Sam Darnold. Flacco, if he signed with the Birds, would go from heading north to Exit 16 on the turnpike to heading south towards the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The other option, which ESPN's Jeremy Fowler thinks is on the table is a trade with the Bears to bring Nick Foles back. This is what Fowler said on ESPN Saturday morning, per Bleeding Green Nation:

"I wouldn’t take a Nick Foles-Philadelphia reunion off the table right now. Because a few weeks ago, when Chicago was looking to get Carson Wentz, they included Nick Foles in a potential package to Philadelphia. Now, Wentz ultimately went to Indianapolis, but those talks have been ongoing, they’re in place, all they would have to do this week is revive them. Philadelphia is looking for a high-level backup, somebody to come in and support Jalen Hurts. Meanwhile, Chicago is just looking to dump some salary right now. They’re in some cap problems, Nick Foles carries a $6.6 [million] cap hit that they could get off their books. I eventually think he’ll be traded; Philadelphia is an option for him."

According to Jay Glazer, the Bears never made an offer for Wentz.

But regardless of whether or not Foles was included in a trade. I think Foles returning to Philadelphia would be a good thing. First off, he's been here and done that, that being winning a Super Bowl. He was never brought in to do that just like now. There are many including Brett Favre that think the Eagles should have kept Foles over Wentz, but that was then.

Now Foles could be a mentor to Jalen Hurts giving him tips on how to deal with the city and its fanbase. What if the fanbase cries for Foles should Hurts struggle? They're going to do that no matter who the backup is. That's what fans do.

Foles has always been supportive of the quarterback he backs up and never tried to challenge Wentz for the job, even after winning the Super Bowl. He stays in his lane. But if you're an Eagles fan, it's good to know that if he ever had to change lanes, he can get the job done on the highest level.

Given the choice between Flacco and Foles. I'd take Foles.

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