It would be impossible to keep track of all of the stupid things that happened in any state in any year.

However in New Jersey, if you're looking for first-class stupidity with a twist of tyranny and social engineering, look no further than our Legislature and Governor's Office in Trenton.

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This past year of 2022 saw many of the "pandemic restrictions" of the previous two years go by the wayside.

Mask mandates and school and business closings were fading fast.

Vaccine mandates still held strong early in the year as many good people lost their jobs or missed attending college due to the persistence of some of the residual stupidity of COVID rules.

No, the number one thing that happened in New Jersey that changed the way we live our daily lives was the plastic bag ban.

Ban On Plastic Bags Go Into Effect Across New York State March 1
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Certain Jersey Shore towns implemented them on their own in previous years, but this past year in a pointless exercise of environmental virtue signaling, the state banned both paper and plastic bags at convenience stores and supermarkets.

A report came out last month saying how the ban was an overwhelming success, according to the retailer's association.

Sure, they saved on buying the bags and made a couple of bucks on selling the reusable bags. Why wouldn't they be happy!?

Also, people noticed less bags on the water at the shore this summer. It's funny how anecdotal evidence only works for some arguments.

Plastic Bag Ban

People in Pennsylvania are laughing at us and shaking their heads, as are people who come from all other states where the government doesn't try to micromanage their citizens' lives.

It's one of the many pointless yet liberty-stealing laws and regulations that has driven many of our friends and relatives out of the state.

And to think we pay a very high premium to be mistreated and abused this way. Go figure.

Fear not, the State of New Jersey will come up with something equally as pointless and stupid in the coming year that will affect you for years to come.

Unless you join your many friends and neighbors down south somewhere.

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