You either love him or hate him. New Jerseyans are definitely split on how they feel about Dr. Anthony Fauci, the doctor who runs Trump’s coronavirus task force. But there’s a bakery in Spring Lake that’s actually confusing us even more. They are Dune doughnuts and bagels on Third Avenue in Spring Lake and they are selling a commemorative Anthony Fauci donut.

When I first saw the photo of these donuts I thought, “Oh, what a lovely tribute! These bakery people are huge fans of the doc!" And then I thought, ..”Yeah, but is this actually a tribute you would want? Would you want to be on a donut so that people could eat your face off?” That’s what I love about New Jersey. Even what seems like a legitimate tribute has a little bit of an edge to it.

Is this a real tribute? Or are the Dune doughnuts people being ironic? You decide.

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