That's right, too many kids succumb to the pressure that if you don't go to college, you won't be a success. That's garbage and gets a lotta students in trouble. Financial trouble that takes them decades to get out from under.

Why spend a hundred thousand or more to get a degree that won't help you get a job paying enough to cover the cost? For many, college is one of the worst investments possible. College debt is so high that many kids are financial dependents of their parents long after they wore the cap and gown.

The problem is that the feeder system from high school is geared toward shaming kids out of doing anything but going to college. And the higher education scam continues.

That's right, scam.

In addition to kids across America being deep in debt, the taxpayers are on the hook for billions.So academia gets rich and you have to figure out how to make ends meet. Here's my proposal:

1. End higher education subsidies.

2. Create tax incentives for business to pay for kids to go to trade schools.

3. End gov't backed student loans and and leave it to the private market.

4. Specific to NJ, cut the billion dollar subsidy to Rutgers over a four year budget cycle.

Take the billion from Rutgers and use for tax incentives to families and small biz for trade schools OR direct rebates!

I spoke with Jersey business leader John Samsel on Tuesday morning who shared a scholarship that he is funding in order to give High School Seniors an alternative choice to pursue a career. This is the kind of local leadership we need in the Garden State. Thank you, John. If you are a high school senior and want to apply, click HERE.

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