Last year during a soaringly humid day, I decided that I was going to do something revolutionary: I bought an outdoor fan. It was life-changing.

I don’t know how many people have discovered this trick, but if you haven’t yet, it’s time.

As we all know, there’s absolutely nothing like Jersey humidity, and if you like to sit in your backyard, like I do, a fan is the only thing that makes the outdoors bearable. Summer is approaching New Jersey and as we all know it is going to get HOT.

The best way to prepare for this kind of weather is to get all of your weapons and machines into gear and that means finding the perfect fan. Not only can the right fan be used year round, but the only reason you’ll want to leave the outdoors on a beautiful day will be to grab some water or use the restroom.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

This past weekend was pretty humid. but because I had my outdoor fan, I was able to hang in the backyard all day instead of escaping indoors into the air conditioning.

Here are some of the best outdoor fans you will want to check out, and while they may not be too glamorous, they’ll get the job done. After you follow my recommendations, you’ll thank me.

  • 1

    CosyZone Portable Neck Fan

    This lightweight neck fan will keep your face dry and refreshed while you enjoy any daily outdoor activities. The fan can work up to 10 hours at a time and has 3 different settings. This is perfect for a road trip or a day spent outside by the pool. See more here.

  • 2

    Lasko High Velocity

    This fan can be mounted or rested on the floor and is powerful yet not too big. This is perfect if you want to sit in a smaller outdoor area but want ventilation, and doesn’t require any building if you don’t have someone on hand. See more here.

  • 3

    Dyson Purifying Fan

    Dyson gets plenty of air time in the news but the truth is, these products work. The Purifier Cool Formaldehyde not only keeps the room cold, but serves as an air purifier as well. It can be controlled by both voice and app so if you want something a little more handsfree this is a great option. Learn more here.

  • 4

    Maxx Air

    This is more of an industrial type of fan, perfect for a backyard space. The circulator is made from steel and is a great investment if you want something that will last more than one summer season. Learn more here.

  • 5

    Honeywell Turbo Force X

    This fan comes in all different sizes and shapes, but is a great fan to have around the house. It’s extremely mobile and can be brought to an outside table to work, or anywhere else you see fit. Learn more here.

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