Now that I've had some time to process the Giants hiring of former Patriots wide receiver coach Joe Judge to become their new head coach, these are my thoughts.

We don't really know how any of these candidates are going to do. Both Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy and Redskins head coach Ron Rivera have won and gone to the Super Bowl with other teams. No one has ever won a Super Bowl with their second team. So there's that.

You would think with all we've been hearing, that Matt Rhule was the second coming of Vince Lombardi, although I could see comparisons to Tom Coughlin. Rhule went from being an assistant offensive line coach with the Giants in 2012, to building successful programs at Temple and then Baylor before taking ridiculous money to become head coach of the Panthers.

Coughlin spent 1990 as the wide receivers coach of the Giants, before leaving to build successful programs at Boston College. From there, he left to build a successful program in Jacksonville, where he got the Jaguars to the NFC Championship game, then he came back to the G-Men to lead the Giants to 2 Super Bowl wins. The difference between the two is that Coughlin did it in the NFL before coming here. The list of college head coaches who succeed in the NFL, outside of Jimmy Johnson and Pete Carroll, is small. Many spend a year or two in the pros then go back to lucrative deals on campus.

Since Rhule reportedly called the Giants before taking the Carolina offer gives me the impression that the Panthers were actually Rhule's second choice.

In Joe Judge, the Giants have a Belichick disciple who was thought of so highly by his head coach that he moved him from special teams to wide receivers so that he would get noticed. This is similar to what Andy Reid did for John Harbaugh, moving him from special teams coordinator to defensive backs coach. Harbaugh went onto win a Super Bowl as the head coach of the Ravens, so there's that.

I like the idea, if it happens, of former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett coming in as offensive coordinator on Judge's staff. Having an OC who's won the NFC East 3 times in the last 5 years and developed Dak Prescott isn't a bad thing. I'm really interested to see who they get to run the defense. Wade Phillips did a great job getting the Rams defense to the Super Bowl and he's available...

If Rhule's claim to fame is his college background of Temple and Baylor, I'll put Judge's experience with both 3 years at Alabama, where he coached for Nick Saban and was part of 2 National Championships, and then the Patriots, where he coached for Bill Belichick and was part of 3 Super Bowl winners, up against that and take my chances.

Now we see what happens...

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