Tek was adopted from the Humane Society in Newark 15 years ago, seemingly going to his “forever home.” Circumstances changed, however, and he was returned to the same shelter because his owner is moving out of the country and can’t take the dog with him, according to the Popcorn Humane Society’s Facebook page.

If you go to the Facebook page, however, you'll read some nasty posts criticizing the couple who gave up the dog, even though they took care of him for 15 years, but you’ll also read that, as of today, Tek has found a new home! A New Jersey couple has taken Tek in to a home where he can hopefully live out his days. To the people lambasting the owners who had to give him up, why do you think shelters exist? They’re here to help animals that can’t take care of themselves, adopting out the ones who can find homes. This couple cared for this dog for 15 years, most of his life, and now that they can no longer do so, they are excoriated by keyboard trolls. Pathetic.

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