This past weekend, I made my way down to Asbury Park to see a Counting Crows concert at the Stone Pony. The Counting Crows played outside with a couple of opening acts and some friends of mine from the band, Outside The Box were set to perform after the Counting Crows inside the Stone Pony as a post-show act.

I've known the band for a while now, but hadn't had the chance to hang out with them for a while. As me and a buddy were walking towards the Stone Pony, we came across a strange sight: A used school bus, painted green with a storage unit attached to the back parallel parked in front of the venue. It turns out that this is what Outside The Box decided to use as their new tour bus. I was amazed at how cool it was. The back rows of seats were replaced by a futon and the front of the bus was covered in promotional posters. Take a look at what I think is the coolest tour bus around:


Saturday was definitely the first time I had been on a school bus since my early years in High School. It was interesting to hear about what changes they had to make to be allowed to legally operate a school bus in New Jersey.

  • The bus was not allowed to remain yellow.
  • Anything that said the word "school" on the inside or outside had to be removed or covered.
  • They were allowed to remove some seats, but the front row of original seats had to remain.
  • The movable stop sign and flashing brake lights had to be removed.

Check out a sample of the band's work here:

Is this the best idea for a tour bus ever, or could it be better? Let us know in the poll below!