The former White House doctor who offered unsolicited advice to Governor Chris Christie about his weight during a CNN interview said she received a phone call from the Republican after he advised her to “shut up” during a press conference.

Dr. Connie Mariano responds to Governor Christie's anger at her comment about his weight on CNN (CNN)

Dr. Connie Mariano, talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, would not reveal the details of their conversation. She called Christie’s public response “shocking” and told Cooper she would not use the words “gracious” and “appreciative” to describe the tone and reiterated that while she still would like to make him make a run for the White House her comments are “not about politics.”

She does not regret making her comment about Christie dying in office if he was elected President. “I am sorry he took it that way..he was almost killing the messenger,” she told Cooper. Mariano admitted she has not examined the Governor’s medical records but says she worries about risk factors when she sees him.

“It’s not a laughing matter,” she said about Christie’s comment on Monday night to David Letterman that he is the “healthiest fat guy you’ll ever see.” Mariano says you don’t need to be a realize he has aproblem with weight.” She is concerned that he may have issues related to obesity including hypertension and diabetes.

The Scottsdale, Ariz., doctor says she'd like to see Christie run for president in 2016 but that he needs to lose weight. She worries he could have a heart attack or stroke.

The 50-year-old Republican governor said Wednesday that unless Mariano gives him a physical exam and takes his family history, "she should shut up."

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