As you know if you've been listening for a while, I don't believe that there are space aliens.

I have no issue believing that we are alone in the universe as the only intelligent life. Although given two years of lockdowns and masks during COVID, I do have my doubts about the "intelligent" portion of that statement.

That said, it seems that people are fascinated by the potential for other life forms that are stalking our planet and occasionally interacting with residents.


For the doubters, like me, there's a report that has been released from the Pentagon that details eyewitness accounts of injuries and, yes, a pregnancy resulting from alien contact. Here's the pull quote from the report on Live Science:

Encounters with UFOs have reportedly left Americans suffering from radiation burns, brain and nervous system damage, and even "unaccounted for pregnancy," according to a massive database of U.S. government reports recently made public through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The database of documents includes more than 1,500 pages of UFO-related material from the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) — a secretive U.S Department of Defense program that ran from 2007 to 2012.

I don't think I'll get through reading the full 1,500 pages that were released but even if I did, I don't buy eyewitness accounts. We can't even get eyewitness accounts for a fender bender at an intersection to line up. Ten witnesses, 10versions of the same accident.

So for me, I will continue to be a skeptic. The question for you is do you believe? Are there aliens flying overhead waiting for the right time to interact with humans? Are there aliens who are impregnating humans in order to create some hybrid race on earth?

Getty Stock / ThinkStock
Getty Stock / ThinkStock

Makes you think, right? Actually no it doesn't. I'm gonna stick to the discussion of the real aliens who are harming humans, we call them politicians.

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