I have been driving the same interstate highway to work in New Jersey for 28 years. Nothing has changed since 1993 when I started driving this route to work when it comes to left-lane idiots.

Lots of other things have changed like smartphones and people texting or scrolling their social media while driving. It's impossible not to see someone looking at their phone.

The one constant has been people who won't get out of the left lane when someone wants to pass. Instead, people have to wait for a break in the traffic and pass on the right or sit behind them and watch a mile-long parade of frustrated drivers waiting to pass.

You sometimes see people aggressively cutting back in front of them once they get by, to signal to them that they should move over. Often three or four cars will do the same thing and they still remain in the left lane obliviously.

Occasionally you will see a driver, usually a guy, presumably with marital problems or a small penis, intentionally block people by speeding up when cars try to pass on the right just to maintain his position at the head of the pack.

I used to try to engage with these idiots, now I just offer up a silent prayer, hoping that his life improves or he accepts his deficiencies without taking it out on the rest of us.


We have preached about the evils of being a "left-lane idiot" for many years on the air and even had one woman call to say she had seen the error of her ways after hearing us.

There actually is a law against doing this and the fines were even doubled back in 2013.

A record number of tickets were written for this annoying and sometimes dangerous offense in 2018. The fines can be from $100 to $300. If it were up to me, it would be suspended license for a week and required driver training ... and I'll also pray for them.

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