🔴 Gregory Meyer argued with his son Kyle just before his death

🔴 An ax and pole saw were found near the body on Gregory Meyer

🔴 The family said Kyle fell prey to alcoholism, drugs and mental illness

BOONTON TOWNSHIP — The "darkness of mental illness" contributed to Kyle Meyer's decision to kill his father on Christmas Eve, according to a GoFundMe page created to help with funeral expenses.

Kyle Meyer,33, is charged with murder in connection with the death of Gregory Meyer, 61, who was found dead in the basement of their Boonton home Sunday.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Carroll said police were called around 1:15 p.m. to the home of Gregoy Meyer, his wife, son Kyle Meyer and daughter on Old Denville Road.

According to the affidavit obtained by New Jersey 101.5, Meyers' wife heard Gregory and Kyle arguing in the basement followed by screams and then silence.

She called her daughter who returned home and found her father’s body in the basement surrounded by a large amount of blood. A battery-operated pole saw and an ax, both bloodied, were nearby.

A medical examiner determined Gregory Meyer was hit in the left leg with the ax. The pole saw caused wounds to his head, fingers and hands. Blood was found leading from the basement to Kyle’s bedroom, according to the bedroom.

Son found in Paterson

Kyle's sister saw her brother’s car driving away as she arrived. Kyle was located several hours later in Paterson returning to his vehicle but did not respond to questioning by police. Carroll nor the affidavit disclosed Kyle's exact location.

He is being held at the Morris County Correctional Facility after pleading not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday, according to NorthJersey.com.

"We are grieved beyond words that Greg was taken from us by his own son, who for many years has been lost in the darkness of mental illness, alcoholism, and abuse of drugs legal and illegal," son Matthew wrote on a GoFundMe page created to help with funeral expenses.

Beware threats "waiting to happen"

Matthew told News 12 that Gregory tried to help his son and warned that family members with delusions of paranoia should be taken seriously as a "threat waiting to happen."

"In losing Greg on Christmas Eve, our family lost a son, brother, uncle, and father. Along with our extended family and friends, we are grieving the death of a man who brought music, laughter, and love to our lives," Matthew wrote on the GoFundMe page.

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